Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Baby is Full Term!

Well, I'm sitting here in my family room watching the Women's Gymnastics Team compete in the All Around. I already know how it ends (thanks radio spoilers), and I have to be up for work in a little over 6 hours. But, I can't sleep... I'm not really sure I've slept in days, just walked back and forth to the bathroom all night between furious bursts of kicking in my belly. I'll be so glad to finally get my body back! That being said, this little guy (I call him "Wiggle Butt" now) is wiggling on my bladder and reminding me that I still have labor to look forward too. That is really starting to freak me out as the possibility of it happening increases every night! Kevin is afraid of my water breaking while I'm asleep in bed and ruining the mattress, so I sleep on towels and I still need to buy a waterproof bed liner. No, I've not had any contractions yet, or other fun things that signal birth is imminent, just anticipation. So, it looks like I can officially kiss sleep goodbye for the next few... I don't know... is it years? I guess the one thing I can look forward to now, since I've moved down to part time at work, is my nap. I like to take one every day around 1:00. So, tomorrow, it looks like work, nap, and then a big ol' pile of laundry!

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  1. I know it's hard but sleep while you can. Labor is an endurance event and you'll be better off if you have more energy for it. :-)

    I just love your blog posts by the way. They're very creative!