{ Myself - Shalee}

The Sykes. That's us! At least we're one of them. There are many more out there. We live in Kennewick, Washington. That's on the warm and sunny desert side of the state, not the cloudy  and cold rainy side. We live here in a wonderful little house with our baby Levi and our Lizard Scruffy. While I used to be a working girl (no, not that kind!) I'm now a stay at home Mama and life couldn't be better!

I love that this is my first blog and am completly addicted! I seem to change my blog every other day only because it is never perfect. I feel I should share some get to know you things, but as you all are already my friends in "real life" it seems kind of self promoting and vain. So I'll just say I LOVE that you are here reading this, thanks to Summer for giving me the courage to start this blog, and I find with this blog I have lost all since of shame so feel free to speak up if I cross a line!