Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pip, Pip, Cherry-O

Saturday afternoon! After a night of torrential rain, ear-splitting thunder, and lightning the like of which I've never seen, it was good to have a sunny (albeit humid) day and go spend sometime outside! Kevin had been invited by one of his co-workers to drive out to Burbank sometime during the weekend and pick Cherries at a nearby orchard. I can't say I've not dreamed of this moment. The chance to go hang out in this Eastern Washington forest. I was so excited I took my camera. The good one. Not the one on my phone!

 Levi started the outing in the stroller, but that quickly changed.

We're not sure if he loves cherries yet.

Our gracious host trying to convince Levi to give the cherries a second taste!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Levi's Swinging Ride

My baby and a new swing. Both make my heart happy! While Levi's maiden voyage in his new swing was less than I'd hoped (think stone faced with an occasional grimace), each successive trip out to our tree has been more and more successful. We even experienced squeals of laughter the last time! Both Kevin and his Mom talk about when he was little, and how he would go outside every morning and swing, and swing, until he fell asleep. With this kind of passion embedded in Levi's DNA I knew it was only a matter of time before he found his love.  

Here is the proof!

I actually made this swing MYSELF! I'm pretty proud of it. I followed this lady's instructions right HERE. I just bought the manliest outdoor canvas I could find at Joanns, took a quick trip to Lows, and only spent $22 for EVERYTHING! Here is the photo-bomb (and video) of my baby enjoying his new ride :)

(Ignore the long rope tenticles, I've since trimmed them up)