Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 15

This week, as you may read in my little weekly update, I made a major purchase. My first Bella Band! Honestly, I'm not that fat YET, but I was squishing myself into my work pants. Somehow all of my work pants are tight, skinny, and non-stretchy. Now that I don't have to button them up I'm feeling a lot better and way more comfortable. Not to mention I don't worry about my bum peeking out the back of my pants like a plumber since I sling this thing low. It's like a way more awesome belt!

This week we also took on some home improvement. It sort of happened gradually.

Me- "I think we should clean the house today" -->  
Me- "I want to wash off the doors first" -->
Kevin- "Why did we never paint the doors?" -->
Kevin- "I think our door knobs look outdated" -->
Me- "I hate the front door!" -->
Kevin- "Why don't we go to Home Depot and look at 
      new doorknobs and see how much a front door costs" -->

Nine new doors later we have another home improvement project on our hands!

These are sitting in my garage right now. "Why don't you just hang them?," you ask. The doors look white, but that is just primer. We still need to paint them, and let's not forget our new doorknobs. They are silver and look way more modern, we are so HAPPY!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

14 Weeks and gagging.. I mean counting

So here it is, week 14. I'm not sure if you know this (you probably do since you are so smart), but if you click on the picture it will make it bigger.

So, every time someone asks me how I'm doing, or how I'm feeling, I say I'm fine. The truth is, I still feel like poop... still tired all the time... still pukey. I thought this was supposed to be getting better!!! Well, to top this all off I developed a wonderful NEW symptom this week. Gagging. Brushing my teeth makes me gag, coughing makes me gag, smells, sounds, moving... thinking about gagging makes me gag. Come on!

I'm ready for the fun part to start. Feeling the kicking, shopping for baby things, more ultrasound pictures!!! I do think I have the beginning of a cute little baby bump. However, people keep bursting my happy little bubble by telling me how skinny I look, and they never would have known I was pregnant if I had not said anything. LOOK AT THAT PICTURE BELOW! HOW DO I STILL LOOK "SO SKINNY" TO THESE PEOPLE? One of these days people will wise up and tell me how big I'm getting. I look forward to that day!

Also, last week I threw myself a party! This was how I made my baby announcement at work. Those people gobbled that cake right up... But who wouldn't? It was a delicious Costco cake!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Finally, time to share our BIG news!!! I don't even know how to express here our excitement at being able to announce our first (of many?) baby! Let me introduce you. This was our little one 5 weeks ago, at 9 1/2 weeks old... 

As of today, baby is 14 weeks. Happy 14 weeks baby! 

We (baby and I) have officially entered our second trimester! But, when is the big Due Date? August 16th! A summer baby! I'm a big supporter of summer birthdays, I've got a June birthday right here. 

Would you like a back story? Well, I found out I was expecting on December 8th. I had a dollar store test at home, took it, and stared at what almost looked like a little pink line. It was so faint I wasn't sure I saw it because it was there or because I wanted something to be there. So what did I do? I took another dollar store test... same result (I'm not sure why I thought it would be different). 

Ok, I thought. Enough of these dollar store tests, time to go spend the big bucks at the grocery store. I ran down to my closest Yokes, bought my test, and went home. In true "just my luck fashion" I didn't really pay a lot of attention to the box I had grabbed and once I got home I discovered that the two pack box I had purchased had only one test. Stupid poor, embarrassed, pregnant teenager (I assume) had stolen one of my tests! That means I paid $12 for one test! However, I was in to much of a hurry and a bundle of nerves to go back and demand the cashier give me a second test, plus that might be weird.

This time there was a little less faint of a line, so I was pretty sure this was the one! The next step was to tell Kevin. I waited for him to come home and broke it to him gently (I mean nervously- for me). I am so bad at anything emotional or any kind of big news. I tend to immediately start crying, good news or bad, and I tend to freak people out. Thankfully Kevin was not freaked out, he was super excited and made me feel so much better. I love that guy!

So that's my story. Of course, you should not be surprised that ever since we found out Kevin has been helping me keep a week by week record of my pregnancy. These come complete with pictures and a summary of the week. It's my version of a pregnancy journal. I've put every week so far here in this post, and I plan posting every week from now until baby. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top This...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Top This:

Kevin rented out a whole Mongolian restaurant for me for Valentine's Day*! A private dinner for two. So quiet, so peaceful, so ROMANTIC! What more can a girl ask for really? Did I also mention he got me flowers, I love flowers!

*restaurant may or may not have been empty due to simple lack of customers

Sunday, February 5, 2012

25 Years Young

Some day's I feel like a Cumlaude University graduate with the brain the size of Texas, other days I'm reduced to the status of a two year old learning simple things for the first time. This latest ego deflating experience happened the other day while I was sitting in the breakroom at work.

To set the scene a little I think I should tell you that the other day Kevin and I went grocery shopping at WinCo. I'm pretty prone to impulse buying, especially food. While we had been inside no longer than 5 minutes, a glistening bag of Ruby Red Grapefruit caught my eye. Honestly, I like grapefruit, but I never thing to buy it. This day however, it popped in my mind what a perfect snack they would make for work, so portable! So I through them in the cart, got a weird look from Kevin, continued shopping, and took my yummies home.

Three days later...

I finally break open my sack of grapefruit! It seemed to me like a good bedtime snack, so I sliced in half and went to get my grapefruit spoon when I realized I DON'T OWN ONE!!! My parents do. So, I sliced some more and dumped a cup of sugar on top. Then, taking my little triangles to the bedroom, I proceeded to suck them dry... Then Kevin kicked me out because I was eating to noisily and had sugar all over my face.

Two days later...

So, I decided to take my fruit to work, finally. I packed up my knife and a plate (forgot my sugar) and walked out the door. Sitting there in the breakroom, after hours of slaving away, I bust out my snack. In typical sitcom fashion the juice immediatly jumps out and attacks my eye. That's irritating. It's a good thing that nothing can't stop this girl, so I finish slicing and start sucking.

Have you ever been in a room full of people an realize they are all disgusted by you? Yep, that was fun. So, keeping my cool I start having a tantrum (two year old, remember?) about how hard it is to eat grapefruit and that they are not filling since you only get juice. Then from the back I hear "why don't you just peel it like an orange?" Obviously my first reaction to that was denial. There is no way, a grapefruit is impossible to peel. Pride and denial were my best friends that day.


I finally swollowd my pride and peeled a grapefruit today. Yes, peeled it... and ate it. I think this may be the first time in my life I've "eaten" a grapefruit, not sucked it. At 25 years old I finally learned how to eat a grapefruit. What did you learn today?