Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Small Update...Big Problems

If you recall, I posted something a while back about my little garden experement. Well, after a few snags I got it up and growing. It's been chug-a-luging along at a decent rate ever since....except. My Spaghetti Squash has been doing AMAZING, too amazing. Well....see for yourself-

It is takign over! My air conditioning will soon disappear...

My poor baby squash are being baked before their time...

The squash are now the size of a large potato, but they seem to double in size every day. I guess I'll keeep you posted if I win any prizes at the fair for giant mutent veggies!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's A Boy

As the doting parents of our little Bearded Dragon we thought we'd take the time to introduce him to some of you and/or to update those of you who are already acquanted! Right now the little daring is sitting on a log basking in the heat of some of his many lamps. Here are some of our favorite photos:

Baby Scruffy

Funny Scruffy

Angry Scruffy

In an effort to get to know Scruffy as well as possible he has agreed to fill out a short survey describing himself (a warning- he has a bit of a potty mouth):

Name: Scruffy

Birthplace: Australia, or some pet store

Hometown: More like Homeroom, these fools never let me outside!

Favorite Food: Crickets... no, Mealworms...no, Crickets...no, ahhhhhh who gives a ((beep))!

Favorite Travel Spot: Anywhere YOU can't find me

Most Embarrassing Moment: That time last week I ran into the wall, it hurt like ((beep))!

Favorite Disney Princess: What the ((beep)) kind of question is that!

List 3 of Your Best Traits: Eating, Eating, and pooping on Shalee 3x

Favorite Pastime: Telling people to "((beep)) off!" and hiding

Now a glimpse of the little fella in a video montage we like to call Scruffy the Devourer:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to my Roots

(I hope this does not turn out tooooo embarrassing!)

I was born a blond and I’ll die a blond! This trip I’ve been trying to take down brunette lane has hit a lot of bumps. For the past year or so I’ve tried twice to go all chocolaty brown, and both times it seems my hair rebelled. It lasts a couple of weeks and then reverts back to a dirty dishwater color, not pleasing for anyone. I think I wanted to go to darker because you hear that blonds have more fun but brunettes are taken more seriously. Believe it or not it was half social experiment and half I wanted to see what I’d look like with my natural color (a medium brown- I think). As I remember, the first time I colored my hair was late high school. I fought it forever, I knew once I started I’d never stop! However, the funky dishwater color it was turning pushed me over the edge. Now as I move back to a color where I’m comfortable (apparently as ditzy and the butt of jokes) I wanted to take the time to look back and take YOU on a journey through the life of my hair…..

Actually, I was born bald! And I stayed that way…for a long time. I did not get my first haircut until I was almost exactly 3! Don’t believe me? Here are the pictures

Then I went through several stages growing up. There was….

Crimping- Ok, I still LOVE crimping, but I don’t think I can pull it off like I used to.

Perms- I think I’ve had three. A note, short hair and perms are not always the best idea.

Short Hair- I’ve yo-yoed in the length all my life, but in general I keep it short.

Headbands- I preferred the cloth stretchy ones in every color. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to wear them over my forehead. This led to some ugly acne at the start of puberty that luckily I could hide under the headbands, HA!

Hats- I had quite the collection and I LOVED to wear them to church. If I could have gotten away with wearing those giant Easter/Kentucky Derby ones I would have been in heaven. I still love hats, but I think Kevin’s got me beat in this right now.

Long Hair- The longest it has ever been was right after high school. I think I grew it out just to prove I could grow it that long. To be honest I hated the upkeep (so much shampoo, so much HAIR)! I cut it right before after coming back from my vacation in Europe with Charity. Seeing the photos from that showed me how huge my hair had become!

Brown- I’ve already covered this, and I’ll probably try it again- someday.

Did I feel more serious and sultry in those few short moments as a brunette? Yes. Do I think it was all in my head? Hmmmm, I don’t know. Probably. What I do know is I want my hair to be sun kissed yellow and I want it to be sun kissed yellow RIGHT NOW!