Sunday, February 5, 2012

25 Years Young

Some day's I feel like a Cumlaude University graduate with the brain the size of Texas, other days I'm reduced to the status of a two year old learning simple things for the first time. This latest ego deflating experience happened the other day while I was sitting in the breakroom at work.

To set the scene a little I think I should tell you that the other day Kevin and I went grocery shopping at WinCo. I'm pretty prone to impulse buying, especially food. While we had been inside no longer than 5 minutes, a glistening bag of Ruby Red Grapefruit caught my eye. Honestly, I like grapefruit, but I never thing to buy it. This day however, it popped in my mind what a perfect snack they would make for work, so portable! So I through them in the cart, got a weird look from Kevin, continued shopping, and took my yummies home.

Three days later...

I finally break open my sack of grapefruit! It seemed to me like a good bedtime snack, so I sliced in half and went to get my grapefruit spoon when I realized I DON'T OWN ONE!!! My parents do. So, I sliced some more and dumped a cup of sugar on top. Then, taking my little triangles to the bedroom, I proceeded to suck them dry... Then Kevin kicked me out because I was eating to noisily and had sugar all over my face.

Two days later...

So, I decided to take my fruit to work, finally. I packed up my knife and a plate (forgot my sugar) and walked out the door. Sitting there in the breakroom, after hours of slaving away, I bust out my snack. In typical sitcom fashion the juice immediatly jumps out and attacks my eye. That's irritating. It's a good thing that nothing can't stop this girl, so I finish slicing and start sucking.

Have you ever been in a room full of people an realize they are all disgusted by you? Yep, that was fun. So, keeping my cool I start having a tantrum (two year old, remember?) about how hard it is to eat grapefruit and that they are not filling since you only get juice. Then from the back I hear "why don't you just peel it like an orange?" Obviously my first reaction to that was denial. There is no way, a grapefruit is impossible to peel. Pride and denial were my best friends that day.


I finally swollowd my pride and peeled a grapefruit today. Yes, peeled it... and ate it. I think this may be the first time in my life I've "eaten" a grapefruit, not sucked it. At 25 years old I finally learned how to eat a grapefruit. What did you learn today?  

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