Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 15

This week, as you may read in my little weekly update, I made a major purchase. My first Bella Band! Honestly, I'm not that fat YET, but I was squishing myself into my work pants. Somehow all of my work pants are tight, skinny, and non-stretchy. Now that I don't have to button them up I'm feeling a lot better and way more comfortable. Not to mention I don't worry about my bum peeking out the back of my pants like a plumber since I sling this thing low. It's like a way more awesome belt!

This week we also took on some home improvement. It sort of happened gradually.

Me- "I think we should clean the house today" -->  
Me- "I want to wash off the doors first" -->
Kevin- "Why did we never paint the doors?" -->
Kevin- "I think our door knobs look outdated" -->
Me- "I hate the front door!" -->
Kevin- "Why don't we go to Home Depot and look at 
      new doorknobs and see how much a front door costs" -->

Nine new doors later we have another home improvement project on our hands!

These are sitting in my garage right now. "Why don't you just hang them?," you ask. The doors look white, but that is just primer. We still need to paint them, and let's not forget our new doorknobs. They are silver and look way more modern, we are so HAPPY!

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