Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Who's 23 Weeks Now?

Do I use this blog to complain? Yes. Too much? Probably. Are you going to get some more? Yep. The reason is, and I just want to put it out there, I'm not made of glass! I wont tear, or break, or kill myself by opening a door. My arms wont fall off if I pick up a book. Turning around quickly won't snap my neck. 

Yes, I understand that I'm pregnant. Yes, I know that the hormone Relaxin makes my joints all loosey goosey. Yes, I do take precautions to not strain myself. I think people are forgetting that before all this happened I was weak and pathetic and I know how to ask for help if I need it. So, when someone tells me I'm not allowed to push three empty shopping carts 10 feet at one time, or even two at once, I just want quit! When I step on a step-stool and am a foot off the ground, and people race to hold me steady, ugh, I just want to slap them away! 

I know how weak and pathetic I am! Can we all just move on now?

Time now to talk about something fun! The nursery! We have been working hard this week on it. We painted, installed, arranged, and designed. It's not done yet, but I am going to give you a taste. Needless to say, I'm VERY excited about it!!!

Also new this week, Kevin told me that I "have a pointy tummy." Not sure what that means, but I'll take it.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Do you have any idea how AWESOME my Hubby is? I do (he's also super good looking)! I am always surprised at how much he can get done in a day, you'd think I'd learn. Do you know what he did last weekend while I was at work? I'll list it out for you:

  • Installed our new furnace. This has been a pain in his butt for a while now. Just getting all the stuff for the set up has been a lot of work for him (he even had to crawl under the house several times!)
  • Worked on 2 broken Lawn Mowers and fixed one of them
  • Mowed the lawn
  • Edged the lawn
  • Weeded the entire side yard
  • Pulled out all the dead plants in our yard, including all the Crab Grass in our rocks. If you have Crab Grass you understand what that means
  • Poisoned all our weeds
  • Fixed one broken down Jeep
  • Worked on the Bug's break lines for hours
  • Smoked 2 Chickens 
  • Threw rocks at cats
  • Spayed for Hornets
  • Did all the dishes
  • Cleaned the house

  • Started putting together the baby's room. 
After all of that, he still had time to take a solo dip in the Hot Tub to relax his back. This all may sound like normal weekend stuff, but you have to remember he did all this when I wasn't home! In only 18 hours! This guy sets impossible standards for me to follow, so I've decided to just sit back and enjoy watching him go. Since I feel there is no possible way to compete with him I want him to know that I recognize and appreciate everything he does. I LOVE this guy!!! He will be the best Dad ever, and I can't wait to see him in action!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

22 Weeks Later

The good news is, I can feel him kicking more and more now. The bad news is, I can feel it more now because my little boy found my bladder. I like to imagine that, to him, my bladder feels like a little trampoline he just bounces on all day long.

Even more good news this week was the arrival of our beautiful Britax car seat! Only the best for baby. Kevin and I got in it the mail last week from some of his wonderful siblings. I'm in love with it! We are steadily checking things off the list now:

Car Seat.... check
Crib............ check
Boppy......  check
Bouncer...  check
Glider......... check

ummmm... uh oh...

I guess we only have a few things actually. I think we need to do some more shopping... 

My New Car Seat!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy 21st

I've been feeling fat for a while now, but I guess this week was the week that others started to agree with me. I finally started getting the people pointing to my belly and saying "whaaaaat?!?!" Which I normally assume means "Oh, are you expecting? You look so great!" I give part of the credit for people noticing my big belly to the warming(-ish) weather. I'm no longer constantly caked in sweaters and jackets every second of every day. 

We have spent this last week actually getting some stuff done. We (and by we I mean Kevin) finally got our new doors installed. Here is some advice, installing new doors may not be worth the price and effort it takes, but ours look GREAT! We did some more miscellaneous home improvements, and most fun of all, started to really think about designing the nursery! Designing the nursery is where I get to have all the fun. I already have a theme, color, and ideas picked out. Amazing right?! Now, to just do all the work... Kevin.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Half

For those who are not aware, I'm at 20 weeks this week! That is half way done! My super awesome pregnancy symptom, gagging, really decided that this was the week to shine. Gagging multiple times in a row can do a number on ones esophagus and piece of mind. It caused the little veins around my eyes to burst! It also causes bad breath, a soar throat, and weakened bladder control.  You want honesty, people, I'll give you honesty! 

Last weekend Kevin and I also took a little baby-moon (baby-moon: a pre-baby vacation similar to a post-wedding honeymoon). We took a small trip to the west side of Washington. We visited with Kevin's family, we went shopping tax-fee in Portland, and we watched the Jazz eek out a victory against the Trail Blazers. It is always so fun to take time off and do something fun! 

Also, right before we left for our weekend adventure, Kevin put together one of our little baby gifts from my Ma and Pa. Our crib! It is a beauty, Kevin did such a good job with the assembly. All those Man Skills I think. Anyway, now I have a giant crib in the middle of the room with all my baby junk piled around. There are pictures, you will see (but not the finished crib, that's for later)...