Thursday, April 19, 2012


Do you have any idea how AWESOME my Hubby is? I do (he's also super good looking)! I am always surprised at how much he can get done in a day, you'd think I'd learn. Do you know what he did last weekend while I was at work? I'll list it out for you:

  • Installed our new furnace. This has been a pain in his butt for a while now. Just getting all the stuff for the set up has been a lot of work for him (he even had to crawl under the house several times!)
  • Worked on 2 broken Lawn Mowers and fixed one of them
  • Mowed the lawn
  • Edged the lawn
  • Weeded the entire side yard
  • Pulled out all the dead plants in our yard, including all the Crab Grass in our rocks. If you have Crab Grass you understand what that means
  • Poisoned all our weeds
  • Fixed one broken down Jeep
  • Worked on the Bug's break lines for hours
  • Smoked 2 Chickens 
  • Threw rocks at cats
  • Spayed for Hornets
  • Did all the dishes
  • Cleaned the house

  • Started putting together the baby's room. 
After all of that, he still had time to take a solo dip in the Hot Tub to relax his back. This all may sound like normal weekend stuff, but you have to remember he did all this when I wasn't home! In only 18 hours! This guy sets impossible standards for me to follow, so I've decided to just sit back and enjoy watching him go. Since I feel there is no possible way to compete with him I want him to know that I recognize and appreciate everything he does. I LOVE this guy!!! He will be the best Dad ever, and I can't wait to see him in action!


  1. you are too cute. he's ok, but let's pray baby boy looks like you.
    i can't wait to sit around with you next weekend while he works and we watch. SO EXCITED

  2. That's what I have planned! I'm so happy you are coming, we love visitors and we love having you :)