Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Half

For those who are not aware, I'm at 20 weeks this week! That is half way done! My super awesome pregnancy symptom, gagging, really decided that this was the week to shine. Gagging multiple times in a row can do a number on ones esophagus and piece of mind. It caused the little veins around my eyes to burst! It also causes bad breath, a soar throat, and weakened bladder control.  You want honesty, people, I'll give you honesty! 

Last weekend Kevin and I also took a little baby-moon (baby-moon: a pre-baby vacation similar to a post-wedding honeymoon). We took a small trip to the west side of Washington. We visited with Kevin's family, we went shopping tax-fee in Portland, and we watched the Jazz eek out a victory against the Trail Blazers. It is always so fun to take time off and do something fun! 

Also, right before we left for our weekend adventure, Kevin put together one of our little baby gifts from my Ma and Pa. Our crib! It is a beauty, Kevin did such a good job with the assembly. All those Man Skills I think. Anyway, now I have a giant crib in the middle of the room with all my baby junk piled around. There are pictures, you will see (but not the finished crib, that's for later)...

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  1. I LOOOOOVED THIS POST! It could be the pictures of the crib, it could be your cute belly, but it's most likely because of Scruffy. He's going to be such a good big brother.