Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The BIG News

This was probably one of the funnest weeks of pregnancy I've had so far. Last Friday we had our second ultrasound, and it was so great. It started out a little stressful. I was supposed to meet Kevin there and I got there about 10 minutes early. In true un-doctor like speed they pushed me right on in. I told them my husband was coming and they said they were just going to start by doing some of the boring stuff like taking measurements. I was so stressed out sitting there waiting for Kevin, I would never forgive myself if he missed this! It all turned out fine though, he got there before any of the fun stuff happened. 

My little baby looked so good, such a cutie. The ultrasound tech must have taken about 100 photos, even she said that she had taken a lot. Part of that was baby's fault, too much moving. The other part of it was the tech kept taking pictures because she thought each was so cute! My baby was being kind of shy through the whole thing, the tech told me at the beginning she might not be able to see if we were having a boy or girl at this appointment since baby was keeping it's legs together. However, persistence prevailed, and at the end of our appointment we got the good news! 

A BOY!!!   

Seeing little baby moving up on the screen was so reassuring. I LOVE going to these doctor appointments, I get so nervous for baby because I don't know what is going on in there. They always make me feel better, for about a day, then I get anxious again for my next appointment in FOUR MORE WEEKS!  

Another fun part of my week this last week was shopping. My Mom, sister, and I went to the mall and went maternity shopping! I seriously needed it. I had no more work pants. I now own 2 new pairs of pants, 2 tank tops, and 4 new shirts! I'll tell ya, I feel so much better now in these new cloths.  A new woman!

My Little Boy

Keeping His Knees Together, the Stinker, and Doing His Sit-Ups

His Little Ear

Proof of Boyhood

More Being Shy

A Face to Love

2 Feetsies

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