Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We are pretty excited here in the Sykes household. We've had a great week! First, we had Adam and Hayley here visiting for the weekend. Second, I've been improving my throwing arm by hucking rocks at stray cats in my yard*. 

          *On a side note, the morning before last I was awoken (AGAIN) by the sound of cats "doing it"
            under my bedroom window!!! AND, this morning, a cat fight! So, I hate cats.

Third, we have our big 20 week ultrasound on Friday! Technically I will only be 19 weeks and 1 day,  I am really excited about it and hope for some clear new baby photos, I love photos! Also, in case you were wondering, I think it's a girl. If for no other reason than Kevin keeps insisting it's a boy. So, there you have it, that's what we think. As far as others guesses go, people at my work lean mostly toward girl while my family leans toward boy. I guess we'll see who is right in two days. Or will we? I may just keep this little gem of information to myself, let everyone else be surprised!


  1. Weee Shalleeeeeee. I love these photo's. Also, you practice that throwing arm. But you can't say you hate cats. You sure liked mine. >3. But they're well behaved and don't do it under the windows.

  2. Wait, I thought the Sykes side thinks a girl?? Or are you referring to your side of the family...? And you better not keep it a secret. Also, cute belly :)