Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Latt Hack: An Ikea Table Makeover

 My first Ikea Hack. Ikea Hack, I actually learned this phrase while doing this project. I means to take something cheap from Ikea and improve or modify it. I did BOTH! I included a photo of the original, it's just wood and white. So, stealing ideas off of Pinterest, I painted mine (or is it Levi's?) grey, sewed up some cushions, and made Kevin cut me a plexiglass top. I liked the plexiglass idea because it would (hopefully) make cleaning up food easy, and I could stick cute printables like ABC's or a color wheel underneath as little teaching tools. I also painted half of the tabletop with chalkboard paint, and on the other half I installed a roll of white paper underneath that can be pulled across the top for endless coloring (I also adding a small strip of wood to thread the paper under and help to hold it). Levi seems to like it, he's only fallen off the chair twice! The only thing I have left to do is figure out how to keep Levi from coloring on the very tempting and easily accessible white wall!


  1. I love it. :) So many great ideas. I just got my table secondhand so it needs some TLC. I can't wait to make it all pretty!!

  2. Looks great! Could you post a pic of how you attached the paper holder underneath?