Tuesday, February 21, 2012

14 Weeks and gagging.. I mean counting

So here it is, week 14. I'm not sure if you know this (you probably do since you are so smart), but if you click on the picture it will make it bigger.

So, every time someone asks me how I'm doing, or how I'm feeling, I say I'm fine. The truth is, I still feel like poop... still tired all the time... still pukey. I thought this was supposed to be getting better!!! Well, to top this all off I developed a wonderful NEW symptom this week. Gagging. Brushing my teeth makes me gag, coughing makes me gag, smells, sounds, moving... thinking about gagging makes me gag. Come on!

I'm ready for the fun part to start. Feeling the kicking, shopping for baby things, more ultrasound pictures!!! I do think I have the beginning of a cute little baby bump. However, people keep bursting my happy little bubble by telling me how skinny I look, and they never would have known I was pregnant if I had not said anything. LOOK AT THAT PICTURE BELOW! HOW DO I STILL LOOK "SO SKINNY" TO THESE PEOPLE? One of these days people will wise up and tell me how big I'm getting. I look forward to that day!

Also, last week I threw myself a party! This was how I made my baby announcement at work. Those people gobbled that cake right up... But who wouldn't? It was a delicious Costco cake!


  1. they do. i just delete them because they are stupid

  2. I'm so excited for you, and you look super cute with a little baby bump! It won't be long before people look at you and say how cool it is that you're starting to show (even though you know you've been showing for weeks already), the same thing happened to me.

    1. Thanks! Isn't it funny how soon you notice. I thought I was hiding it well before i announced it. It turned out I wasn't hiding it at all. :)

  3. SHALEE, change you passwords because kevin is ruining everyone's lives with his hatefulness.