Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Baby is Full Term!

Well, I'm sitting here in my family room watching the Women's Gymnastics Team compete in the All Around. I already know how it ends (thanks radio spoilers), and I have to be up for work in a little over 6 hours. But, I can't sleep... I'm not really sure I've slept in days, just walked back and forth to the bathroom all night between furious bursts of kicking in my belly. I'll be so glad to finally get my body back! That being said, this little guy (I call him "Wiggle Butt" now) is wiggling on my bladder and reminding me that I still have labor to look forward too. That is really starting to freak me out as the possibility of it happening increases every night! Kevin is afraid of my water breaking while I'm asleep in bed and ruining the mattress, so I sleep on towels and I still need to buy a waterproof bed liner. No, I've not had any contractions yet, or other fun things that signal birth is imminent, just anticipation. So, it looks like I can officially kiss sleep goodbye for the next few... I don't know... is it years? I guess the one thing I can look forward to now, since I've moved down to part time at work, is my nap. I like to take one every day around 1:00. So, tomorrow, it looks like work, nap, and then a big ol' pile of laundry!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby, You're 36 Weeks

I had SUCH a good weekend this last week! I had.... ready for this... Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday off of work! I know, how weird... Well, with all that free time I had a chance to do some much needed projects, and the one I was most looking forward to was making my own baby wraps. Originally I was just going to go out and buy a Moby wrap, but then my sister-in-law Savannah suggested (brilliantly) to me that I make my own. Long story short, I got 3 homemade wraps for the price of one Moby! I just Pinterested Moby Wrap and got some great tutorials, this is the one I used- 

A Load of Craft
Well, here are some photos of the final project. An interesting note, these do not work well over a giant pregnant tummy. I'd also like to thank my monkey Anthrax who helped me model these for my pictures! Also, please forgive my bare face, I forgot I had not put on any makeup yet when these pictures were taken. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Few Fun Things for 35 Weeks

I'm not sure if I've shared this before, that's the beauty of being such a proficient blog poster, but I'm going to tell you now. This week is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year! NO PANTS WEEK!!! That's right, for one week out of the year my sister and I challenge ourselves, our wardrobe, and all of our friends to see if we can go a week without pants. Let us be clear... shorts, capris, and leggings do not count as "not pants." Skirts and dresses only people!

No Pants Week is great if you ever feel yourself in a fashion rut. It really gets challenging as you get further into the week. I always save it for Summertime, I find it easier to create outfits if I can just throw on sandals or flip-flops. I am NOT about to commit to a week of high heels! This year's No Pants Week has been particularly nice. As a pregnant lady I can really get into jersey knit skirts and maxi dresses- Forever!   


Anyone want to see some cute baby stuff? I took some pics of some of my little guys gear before I put it away after the wash. I LOVE it!!!


Shoes and Booties




Also, this week (today actually) I had a Doctor Appointment. I got some fun news to report! It turns out that my litte baby has already dropped, his head is engaged, I'm still under 1cm dilated, but I'm 70% effaced! Yay! The doctor said that when he first looked at me he expected me to be measuring small, but when he checked he was surprised to find out that baby's little butt was sitting all the way up under my ribs. After that he said that baby is big enough I'll probably not go over my Due Date!!! That is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear!   

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gettin' Stuff Done!

In anticipation for the big day I thought it was time to take care of a few little chores. It looked like laundry was first on the list. Everything I read said that you should wash baby's cloths before he wears them. With that in mind I grabbed a stack from out of the closet and began un-hanging and pulling off tags. Little chore! HA! It turned into a nightmare of a project! so many little tags to cut off, so many little pieces to cut apart. Then you have to turn some inside out, you have to sort them by color, some require warm water, some cold... I'm not even kidding, it took me over an hour just to do all this prep work. Did I mention that I only did up to size 6 months? That's the time it took without even starting the washing! In the end I did, at least, get them all washed up. Oh, they are still not hung up yet, not even a little bit. But, at least my little guy won't have to worry about spending his first few day in civilized society naked!

Sorting until my finger bled!

Lights and Darks

At least all of my darks fit into one load!

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Horror

Wait... A not-pregnancy-related blog post? Well look at that! I'm about to tell you guys a story, a story that happened one balmy Summer Sunday evening in a town known as Kennewick. Kevin and I had just gotten through spending a lovely day with my family at their home, when my mother reminded us she had something we needed to take home.

In a nice little line I followed my Mother and Father into the backyard, where she had 7 potted tomato plants sitting in her garden ready for me to take. These tomatoes were, conveniently, already in one of those pot holders that you get from nurseries or garden canters. So, it was no problem to pick it up and carry it out to the car. Kevin, being a girl, complained about having to hold something so dirty on his lap, so, he switched me out of the drivers seat. Off we went, Kevin driving and me holding my seven little tomatoes on my lap.

We'd gotten about a mile away when I was forced to let out a scream. Not a full on scream, because to do that while someone is driving doesn't turn out well (in my experience). So, we'll call it a "silent scream" I let out when I happened to look down and see a spider making a run at my face from up my stomach.

At least Kevin is quick acting and good at multitasking. He grabbed a piece of junk mail and swatted/killed it off me. So, there I sat. Trapped in a car. Holding onto a tray of tomato plants that I couldn't put down. No hands to defend myself. With a knowledge, now, that they were infested with spiders!

Two minutes go buy... Another spider! Kevin kills it. Three more minutes..... Another spider! Kevin kills it. One more minute.... Kevin jumps. A spider was crawling up Kevin's leg! He kills it. You know that moment when you are on a really big roller coaster or theme park ride, and you are just waiting for it to drop at ANY SECOND? It was 15 minutes of that! Waiting for the next spider, knowing it would come, convinced you could fell them crawling up and down your unseen legs. Imagine that, and picture THIS....

male ovata
For scale- the biggest was about the size of a Dime!

* But don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have some yummy tomatoes for my garden. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So I got a fun surprise in my camera today! I was sitting here preparing my blog post for the week, my theme being some of my in-laws (mostly the Lillian family) coming and visiting last week for my Baby Shower, when I found it. 

Last weekend there was a lot going on, lots of people and lots of cameras. It has taken me a while to go through all of the SD cards and photo files. Today I finally got around to it, and the best part was when I opened the files from the little digital camera I had given Lucy and Bryn. I found that, at some point, they had changed the camera setting to video! They had taken 38 videos! As you would expect, most were 5 second video clips of the ground, but I found a few jewels so I thought I'd share ~

This first clip is of Bryn trying to take a photo of the baby inside my belly. 
As you would expect she didn't get the shot she wanted.

This next clip is one of the few that has a person in it... It just so happens to be me!

This one is of Hayley, for some reason it just cracks me up!

And, this last clip will just make you dizzy...

Oh, good times! I have all these videos now, but they (Bryn and Lucy) did manage to take some stills. I'll let you guess which were Lucy's photos and which were Bryn's (and which were Hayley's) ~

It is always our favorite thing to have people come and visit, I just hope next time I won't be such a nutcase. I was a little stressed out (was, and still am). So, I hope anyone and everyone who was at my house will forgive me and come back again, because we love you all!!!

And here are a few more pictures ~ 
The best toy EVER- A box

... Excuse me. I meant a Spaceship!
Bryn's beautiful nails!

The after (baby shower) party.

Look at all these party people!