Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby, You're 36 Weeks

I had SUCH a good weekend this last week! I had.... ready for this... Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday off of work! I know, how weird... Well, with all that free time I had a chance to do some much needed projects, and the one I was most looking forward to was making my own baby wraps. Originally I was just going to go out and buy a Moby wrap, but then my sister-in-law Savannah suggested (brilliantly) to me that I make my own. Long story short, I got 3 homemade wraps for the price of one Moby! I just Pinterested Moby Wrap and got some great tutorials, this is the one I used- 

A Load of Craft
Well, here are some photos of the final project. An interesting note, these do not work well over a giant pregnant tummy. I'd also like to thank my monkey Anthrax who helped me model these for my pictures! Also, please forgive my bare face, I forgot I had not put on any makeup yet when these pictures were taken. 

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