Friday, July 20, 2012

A Few Fun Things for 35 Weeks

I'm not sure if I've shared this before, that's the beauty of being such a proficient blog poster, but I'm going to tell you now. This week is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year! NO PANTS WEEK!!! That's right, for one week out of the year my sister and I challenge ourselves, our wardrobe, and all of our friends to see if we can go a week without pants. Let us be clear... shorts, capris, and leggings do not count as "not pants." Skirts and dresses only people!

No Pants Week is great if you ever feel yourself in a fashion rut. It really gets challenging as you get further into the week. I always save it for Summertime, I find it easier to create outfits if I can just throw on sandals or flip-flops. I am NOT about to commit to a week of high heels! This year's No Pants Week has been particularly nice. As a pregnant lady I can really get into jersey knit skirts and maxi dresses- Forever!   


Anyone want to see some cute baby stuff? I took some pics of some of my little guys gear before I put it away after the wash. I LOVE it!!!


Shoes and Booties




Also, this week (today actually) I had a Doctor Appointment. I got some fun news to report! It turns out that my litte baby has already dropped, his head is engaged, I'm still under 1cm dilated, but I'm 70% effaced! Yay! The doctor said that when he first looked at me he expected me to be measuring small, but when he checked he was surprised to find out that baby's little butt was sitting all the way up under my ribs. After that he said that baby is big enough I'll probably not go over my Due Date!!! That is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear!   

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  1. No pants week.. Haha I use to do that growing up! Forgot about it the last...quite a few years! Maybe I'll have to start back up again! Sounds super comfy simce none of my pants seem to fit and be comfortable! Except for my stretchy jeans or maternity ones, but its just too darn hot for the extra panel of fabric to hold them up right now!
    Cute photos of baby things! Can't wait to see pictures of him! Wish I was closer so I could hold him too.. When he comes out obviously! :) Hope your last few weeks go well and you're able to get everything ready! :)