Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So I got a fun surprise in my camera today! I was sitting here preparing my blog post for the week, my theme being some of my in-laws (mostly the Lillian family) coming and visiting last week for my Baby Shower, when I found it. 

Last weekend there was a lot going on, lots of people and lots of cameras. It has taken me a while to go through all of the SD cards and photo files. Today I finally got around to it, and the best part was when I opened the files from the little digital camera I had given Lucy and Bryn. I found that, at some point, they had changed the camera setting to video! They had taken 38 videos! As you would expect, most were 5 second video clips of the ground, but I found a few jewels so I thought I'd share ~

This first clip is of Bryn trying to take a photo of the baby inside my belly. 
As you would expect she didn't get the shot she wanted.

This next clip is one of the few that has a person in it... It just so happens to be me!

This one is of Hayley, for some reason it just cracks me up!

And, this last clip will just make you dizzy...

Oh, good times! I have all these videos now, but they (Bryn and Lucy) did manage to take some stills. I'll let you guess which were Lucy's photos and which were Bryn's (and which were Hayley's) ~

It is always our favorite thing to have people come and visit, I just hope next time I won't be such a nutcase. I was a little stressed out (was, and still am). So, I hope anyone and everyone who was at my house will forgive me and come back again, because we love you all!!!

And here are a few more pictures ~ 
The best toy EVER- A box

... Excuse me. I meant a Spaceship!
Bryn's beautiful nails!

The after (baby shower) party.

Look at all these party people!

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  1. Ha! Those videos are funny. Of course the girls got a clip of the only time I (jokingly) refused to say cheese for the millionth time. And I'm loving the fake smiles because there was a 50/50 chance they wouldn't actually take the picture. Such funny girls.