Monday, July 9, 2012

A Horror

Wait... A not-pregnancy-related blog post? Well look at that! I'm about to tell you guys a story, a story that happened one balmy Summer Sunday evening in a town known as Kennewick. Kevin and I had just gotten through spending a lovely day with my family at their home, when my mother reminded us she had something we needed to take home.

In a nice little line I followed my Mother and Father into the backyard, where she had 7 potted tomato plants sitting in her garden ready for me to take. These tomatoes were, conveniently, already in one of those pot holders that you get from nurseries or garden canters. So, it was no problem to pick it up and carry it out to the car. Kevin, being a girl, complained about having to hold something so dirty on his lap, so, he switched me out of the drivers seat. Off we went, Kevin driving and me holding my seven little tomatoes on my lap.

We'd gotten about a mile away when I was forced to let out a scream. Not a full on scream, because to do that while someone is driving doesn't turn out well (in my experience). So, we'll call it a "silent scream" I let out when I happened to look down and see a spider making a run at my face from up my stomach.

At least Kevin is quick acting and good at multitasking. He grabbed a piece of junk mail and swatted/killed it off me. So, there I sat. Trapped in a car. Holding onto a tray of tomato plants that I couldn't put down. No hands to defend myself. With a knowledge, now, that they were infested with spiders!

Two minutes go buy... Another spider! Kevin kills it. Three more minutes..... Another spider! Kevin kills it. One more minute.... Kevin jumps. A spider was crawling up Kevin's leg! He kills it. You know that moment when you are on a really big roller coaster or theme park ride, and you are just waiting for it to drop at ANY SECOND? It was 15 minutes of that! Waiting for the next spider, knowing it would come, convinced you could fell them crawling up and down your unseen legs. Imagine that, and picture THIS....

male ovata
For scale- the biggest was about the size of a Dime!

* But don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have some yummy tomatoes for my garden. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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