Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gettin' Stuff Done!

In anticipation for the big day I thought it was time to take care of a few little chores. It looked like laundry was first on the list. Everything I read said that you should wash baby's cloths before he wears them. With that in mind I grabbed a stack from out of the closet and began un-hanging and pulling off tags. Little chore! HA! It turned into a nightmare of a project! so many little tags to cut off, so many little pieces to cut apart. Then you have to turn some inside out, you have to sort them by color, some require warm water, some cold... I'm not even kidding, it took me over an hour just to do all this prep work. Did I mention that I only did up to size 6 months? That's the time it took without even starting the washing! In the end I did, at least, get them all washed up. Oh, they are still not hung up yet, not even a little bit. But, at least my little guy won't have to worry about spending his first few day in civilized society naked!

Sorting until my finger bled!

Lights and Darks

At least all of my darks fit into one load!

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