Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Just a Baby in My Belly!

Well what do you know!? It’s taken me over 16 weeks to make my big announcement. I guess it was the fact that I now have to unbutton my pants at the end of every meal that made me realize it was time. My waist is expanding, bladder shrinking, appetite increasing, and veins are beginning to bulge, and I’m in full on pregnancy mode!!! If I were a Pig or a Lion I would actually be wrapping this preggo thing up about now, but alas, I am not… I’m still looking at months here, MONTHS! (Fun fact- one of Levi’s favorite animals is a pig, so he’d LOVE a baby pig brother or sister)

I didn't so much love pregnancy last time around. This time? Still, no. Yuck! Why ME!?! Well, I know why… I just wish I could feel great and be beautiful all the time, and all of my dishes would be done, and dinner made, and hair washed, and Levi clean, and that everyone would be jealous of how together I am and HATE me!!! That’s all I ever wish, now I just wish it in sweatpants through waves of nausea as my hair falls out.

Speaking of animals. Did you know it takes less time to make a baby hippo than it does a person! My little person is still only a little over 4 inches long and already bossing me around. The thought of having two little Levi’s in this world is terrifying to me! But on the bright side, at least I won’t have to nurse a baby hippo.

For Levi I was able to do a week-by-week Pregnancy journal. This time I'm barrrrrrrrrrrrrely able to do it! Like, for real, I'm really barely making this work. I promise to give it my all, for those of you who want to read about a pregnant lady's life. Here are my first 15 weeks. PREGNANCY JOURNAL OVERLOAD!


  1. My favorite blog posts ever!!! I hope you have another little Levi. but weeeeeee want to know when you tell your family, too! we had to wait an extra 6 weeks! you're lucky we like you so much :-)

  2. WHOA Sean didn't post that, it was me. What happened to my blogger profile?!