Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Advent

Merry Christmas!

Did you have any traditions growing up? The old pajamas on Christmas Eve? Milk and cookies by the fire for Mr. Claus? I love these! However, there is one special tradition that this year means more to me than ever. My Grandma Lukie ornaments.

Every year since I was born my Grandma Lukie bought me an ornament. It was always something that had special meaning for the year. It was either something from a place we went, she went, or had special meaning.

Since my Grandma Lukie passed away this last October I had an inspiration when putting up my Christmas tree. Over the next 25 days (as an advent of sorts), in honor of my grandma, I will feature a Grandma Lukie ornament. I love advents, and I love my grandma! This is perfect!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just in Case..

Just in case you have been sitting on your couch contemplating the progress of Shalee's and Kevin's home improvement/remodel, I'll update you. You may have been asking yourself, what would they have decide to invest their hard earned money on? What is worth taking the time to improve?


No, we did not build Kevin a sandbox. Scruffy did some remodeling.

He got a hammock (far left corner)

A plant! To make it homey.

And a new hiding rock, lucky guy.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


There is nothing quite like pulling up and finding your mailbox MISSING!

I guess last night's wind storm blew over more than our patio chairs. My only question is what's your beef wind? Why chose to blow our mailbox under the giant trailer? Good thing Kevin is a real man and let me sit in the car whilst he retrieved it.

Do you think the mailman will know to deliver the mail to my kitchen table?  Also, if you were admiring the rusted beauty of our mailbox youare not alone. I too stare at it in wonder!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thumbs Up

We have to celebrate life's little victories. VICTORY!!! I did it, I baked something good and I was so proud I let Kevin take some to work. Puffy, moist, chocolaty cookies. It also made seven batches, so I had A LOT of cookies to share.

Shall I share my reason for making these? I had 2 containers of Nutella on the brink of expiration. A travesty I could not endure. What's a girl to do? I Pinterested it of course. Here is the delicious looking picture that I found.

Pinned Image
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Yum, right? So there I was, a Kitchenaid full of dough, a warm oven, and a desire to bake. I got to work and made these. There is a warm and gooey caramel center if you were wondering.

So, Kevin took a batch to his work the next morning. And guess what? I got a thumbs up... A thumbs up T-shirt! VICTORY!!!