Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Advent

Merry Christmas!

Did you have any traditions growing up? The old pajamas on Christmas Eve? Milk and cookies by the fire for Mr. Claus? I love these! However, there is one special tradition that this year means more to me than ever. My Grandma Lukie ornaments.

Every year since I was born my Grandma Lukie bought me an ornament. It was always something that had special meaning for the year. It was either something from a place we went, she went, or had special meaning.

Since my Grandma Lukie passed away this last October I had an inspiration when putting up my Christmas tree. Over the next 25 days (as an advent of sorts), in honor of my grandma, I will feature a Grandma Lukie ornament. I love advents, and I love my grandma! This is perfect!

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