Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thumbs Up

We have to celebrate life's little victories. VICTORY!!! I did it, I baked something good and I was so proud I let Kevin take some to work. Puffy, moist, chocolaty cookies. It also made seven batches, so I had A LOT of cookies to share.

Shall I share my reason for making these? I had 2 containers of Nutella on the brink of expiration. A travesty I could not endure. What's a girl to do? I Pinterested it of course. Here is the delicious looking picture that I found.

Pinned Image
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Yum, right? So there I was, a Kitchenaid full of dough, a warm oven, and a desire to bake. I got to work and made these. There is a warm and gooey caramel center if you were wondering.

So, Kevin took a batch to his work the next morning. And guess what? I got a thumbs up... A thumbs up T-shirt! VICTORY!!!

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