Thursday, September 22, 2011

A 2fer

It seems I've forgotten a couple posts,
so Imma Be (as the Black Eyed Peas would say),
squashing them together.

Tri-City Dust Devils

So, baseball is boring. But good food and good company never get old. Just kidding they both get old, but not me!  I'll be 25 from this year on.

OMSI/ 2 Year Anniversary

I would just like to say that the drivers in all of Oregon are terrible, TERRIBLE! As are the one way streets. But we survived and I can be proud to say other than that we had a fabulous time in Portland. We had the best burger ever ( and I'm someone who thinks a burger is a burger is a burger) at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I'm not kidding, even as I type this I just realized my shopping spree at H&M was TAX FREE, weeeeeeeeee!

Day two was a trip to OMSI (The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). Kevin went in his first Submarine and I went to outer space... I wish I went to outer space, instead I stood behind a plywood board and stuck my head through a hole.

Periscoping out the ladies... Hey!

Dive , Dive, Dive (that posture is horrendous)


Happy Anniversary to US!

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