Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Outstanding October Outings

This weekend I had the pleasure of returning to my old stomping grounds, Central Washington University. At this point I could go on about how much I miss the University life, chilling with friends, so much free time, blah, blah, blah, but that would be pathetic, so I move on… What I want to say is I did some self reflection and here is what I decided about myself.

1) First off, I have great friends. I would have given up on me long ago, but two of my friends (Jonny and Ian) have pestered me for months to come up for a visit. I finally did and had a blast! Thai food, Ice Cream, Baseball, games, PRESENTS! How can a girl resist?!!!

2) I love my new family (I already knew that but I wanted to say it)! We stayed with my brother in law Adam and he let us have his bed. I value few things in this world more than being warm, and I slept on some cold, cold couches, so a bed was a gift. I also loved hanging out with Adam's girlfriend Hayley (I consider her family). She is my favorite foosball partner ever, way more fun than Kevin :)

3) Kevin need to fix the jeep. There is a hole on the passenger side that pours in cold air, this is how we traveled:

4)      I have great timing. We decided on a last minute to take a trip to Leavenworth with Adam and Hayley, and it was OCTOBERFEST! Here is a photo montage of the festivities:    

5)      I Rocked the Mini-Golf so hard!!! This is the point where I tell you the whole point of this post is to brag about my HOLE IN ONE! It was even on the last hole, I should have won a free game! I did pretty well, better than ever actually, putting up a 58. I even beat Kevin! A lifelong goal of mine. Did I mention I had a Golden ball?

 And if you thought my hole in one was impressive check out this sign…

Sunday, October 10, 2010

You Can Call Me Meadow Spittlebug

So something has me really excited! An online obsession that may not be very healthy, but is nonetheless entertaining. Please don’t think less of me, just hear me out before judging… I LOVE Green Porno! No, No, No!!! Not that kind of porno, good porno. Good porno? Can I say that? Good porno.

Since I am no longer in school I feel my intellect waning. What did I learn today?... “Shootin’ big ‘Gators with a pistol does not work”. Important maybe, but not exactly impressive. I now turn to my new friend Isabella Rossellini to inspire me.

If you have ever had an interest in biology or paper puppets this is the thing for you. The Sundance Channel and Rossellini have produced the Green Porno series as a fun and educational way to learn the weird ways animals procreate. And some are weird. Rossellini takes the biology seriously. "When I write the script," she notes, "first I do the research, the scientific research, then I try to simplify it as much as I can and make it funny. Then I have to imagine how it can translate in this sort of theatre that we do here with puppetry and me dressed up as the animal … It's funny but it's a little sick too. And also very informative."

I have even learned my Green Porno name, as you may have guessed it's Meadow Spittlebug "Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow"! And Kevin's name- Tarantula Hawk.

They have done 3 seasons so far and a new series called Seduce Me. Take a look at them first, then you can go ahead and judge me….

Season 1- All about bugs
Praying Mantis
Season 2- Sea Creatures (for those with tender eyes it is the most graphic).
Why Vagina

Season 3- Bon Appetit! The most environmental, focusing on the effects of overfishing.
Harem on the Beach
Seduce Me! My favorite season! (a sneak peek)

also, Salmon
If I’ve at all wet your appetite you can find the complete seasons here http://www.sundancechannel.com/greenporno/video/ . It’s where I’ll be tonight!