Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Outstanding October Outings

This weekend I had the pleasure of returning to my old stomping grounds, Central Washington University. At this point I could go on about how much I miss the University life, chilling with friends, so much free time, blah, blah, blah, but that would be pathetic, so I move on… What I want to say is I did some self reflection and here is what I decided about myself.

1) First off, I have great friends. I would have given up on me long ago, but two of my friends (Jonny and Ian) have pestered me for months to come up for a visit. I finally did and had a blast! Thai food, Ice Cream, Baseball, games, PRESENTS! How can a girl resist?!!!

2) I love my new family (I already knew that but I wanted to say it)! We stayed with my brother in law Adam and he let us have his bed. I value few things in this world more than being warm, and I slept on some cold, cold couches, so a bed was a gift. I also loved hanging out with Adam's girlfriend Hayley (I consider her family). She is my favorite foosball partner ever, way more fun than Kevin :)

3) Kevin need to fix the jeep. There is a hole on the passenger side that pours in cold air, this is how we traveled:

4)      I have great timing. We decided on a last minute to take a trip to Leavenworth with Adam and Hayley, and it was OCTOBERFEST! Here is a photo montage of the festivities:    

5)      I Rocked the Mini-Golf so hard!!! This is the point where I tell you the whole point of this post is to brag about my HOLE IN ONE! It was even on the last hole, I should have won a free game! I did pretty well, better than ever actually, putting up a 58. I even beat Kevin! A lifelong goal of mine. Did I mention I had a Golden ball?

 And if you thought my hole in one was impressive check out this sign…

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