Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tradition Lives

I am a very average American and have some particularly average traditions. Carving pumpkins, buying candies for the little ones, dressing up in outlandish clothing, and watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas" are some of my favorite average activities. BUT, the one tradition that is charishied closest to my heart is the annual family shlump through the cornmaze!

This year was no exception.

The County Mercantile just outside of Pasco is our favorite overpriced truck stop/family farm. This year was a particularly cold corn maze, but all the more for the memories. Here is a look at a few of mine-

I married a bad boy! Kevin throws corn ( *see rule two) 

This is my Pops in the middle of the maze... and a giant tumbleweed (only in Eastern Washington)! 

The average couple. Oh so cute...moving on....

After an exciting corn mae race this is me and Kevin. We are winners...

This is Tahnia and my mom. They are losers!

You'd never guess it, but after we popped-a-squat here our heinies got soaked! 

Here is the GRAND FINALE! My (not so average) pumpkin was born of a moment of pure inspiration and a hacksaw, it was the talk of the
trick-or-treaters all Halloween night!

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  1. I hate pumpkin carving but I LOVE your pumpkin!! You are my idol.