Thursday, December 1, 2011

24... Zebra

So, here we go! Day one of my Grandma Lukie advent.

I've decided to go in reverse chronological order, starting with the last ornament my grandma gave me. It's from 2005, it was decided that with my grandmas failing health this would be our last year. I remember going to a little Christmas shop in Utah. Inside I found a little tree decorated with African animals, and to my delight one of them was waving at me! Can you see his little arm up there in the picture waving?

In addition to my Grandma Lukie ornaments I aslo wanted each day to include a bonus ornament that has other special meaning to me. Since I did the last ornament my grandma gavce me I decided that it would be fitting to start with the last ornament I bought.

 It's from DISNEYLAND! can you tell? I bought it at the begining of November on a trip with Kevin to visit my sister-in-law Summer, and her family, in L.A.

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