Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Quiet Book! It's Done!

I am so happy right now! I finished a craft project!!! I have had this newest quiet book of mine in the works now for MONTHS, but I recently kicked production into high gear as I wanted to finish this before the baby arrived. I've made quiet books before, but always for other people. This time I am the one having the baby, so I am the one getting to keep the book!  

Since baby is going to be a little boy I had several themes in mind, but for some reason Fishing sounded like the most fun. I usually try to make my books have a theme in common with whoever I'm making them for.Sure, Kevin and I like fishing, but we never really go. Maybe this will inspire us! Without further ado- A tour of my Quiet book~

Front Cover- 
There is no real activity to do here, but I do like to tie the ribbons on the binding clip to give little hands some textures to play with. 

First Page- 
Tie the Fishing Boots. The laces are embroidery floss that can be tied and untied, or you can practice lacing up a shoe on the boot facing forward.

Second Page-
Snaps. The Fishing Hat has "Fishing Lures" that can be snapped on and off 3 at a time. It also has that little white part (no idea what it's called) on the hat's strap, that moves up and down, to adjust it.

Third Page-
Swat the bugs. The little yellow fly swatter comes out and you can practice swatting the litttle bugs on the page (or whoever is sitting next to you).

Forth Page-
Spin the handle. The reel of the fishing rod spins. You just grab the little yellow bead that sticks out, give it some turns, and reel in your fish!

Fifth Page-
Fish holder. This page is just a net that holds the six fish that you use on the next page.

Sixth Page- 
Color matching. I'm not sure how well you can tell from the picture, but each fish is matched (with a hook and eye) to "Fishing Lines" that I stitched in 6 different colors. 

Seventh Page-
Gut the fish. I worried that this might be a little gory for little kids, but then I thought "this is my kid and I'm cool with it." I included 2 pictures of it so you can really see what it does. You take the little plastic knife out of the sheath on the bottom (I dulled it, I promise), and you can cut off the head, fillet it in half, and cut out the bones. It's all Velcro so you get a satisfying sawing sensation if you do it with the knife  This is just the harsh reality of fishing- gutting the fish. 

Eighth Page- 
Photo-Op. It's a felt camera that you can look through the hole and take your "Trophey Fish" photos. 

The End! At least that is the end of my Quiet book. It was a lot of fun to make, and Kevin really seems to like it! I'm already in the planning stage of my next book. I'm thinking Robots or Monsters... Anyway, whatever I plan always gets changed when I sit down to do it, so we'll see.


  1. Adorable! I LOVE the "gut the fish" part!! He will have so much fun with it. Tell him the faster he joins us, the faster he'll get to play with this awesome book!

  2. You are so incredibly talented. Jealous.

  3. I'm in the process of making quiet books (for the first time) for my nephew's baby for Christmas so I've been looking at what other people have done for inspiration. Although there are a lot of cute books out there I have notice the execution on most is a little sloppy. Not to criticize, they are cute and serve their purpose nicely I'm sure. I'm just a little OCD and find I HAVE to trim the edges til they are smooth and make sure all my stitches are evenly spaced (I'm hand stitching) etc. I absolutely LOVE the way you did your book! I have had so much fun making the books I'm finishing up that I'm already planning on making more. Fishing was one of the themes I wanted to do next. I have stuck with all felt this time around but after seeing your book (and considering I have 5 tubs of scrap fabric) I really want to do more of a mixed medium thing next time. Your book is so neatly done and creative, I just had to stop to say very nice job.