Thursday, September 6, 2012

Levi Scott Sykes - (Part 1)

This is the story of Levi. He is the cute little baby boy that I gave birth to on August 28, 2012. He was almost two weeks past due, and I was scheduled for an induction the following day. To my surprise (and Kevin's extreme surprise) at 2:00 Tuesday morning I was awoken with mild back pain. Not thinking I was actually in labor, and having had back pain while I was sleeping for the past few weeks, I simply rolled over and tried to get comfortable again. The next time I was awoken the pain was slightly more intense. That was the time I finally rolled over awake and thought to myself "could this really be it?"

I tried to lay down again and maybe squeeze in a little more sleep, but at that point the aching was driving me to sit up out of bed periodicity. Because I wanted to be sure, and to let Kevin sleep, I kept getting up and going into the bathroom when I could feel one coming. By the third time the jig was up and Kevin came over to the bathroom to ask if everything was ok. I told him I thought I may be in labor, but that he should go back to bed and I was going to go into the family room and watch TV.

I'm so glad I made that decision to go off by myself. By the time I really started having contractions I was glad there was no one the to witness my squirming. I was up, down, on my knees, hunched over, and in all kinds of odd positions just trying to handle the pain. It is important to know that I do not do well with pain.

By the time Kevin got up, around 6am, and he saw how I was hurting, he pretty much insisted that we go to the hospital soon. When I started to throw up from the pain he said we were going NOW!
Kevin's brother Adam had been staying the night with us before heading home, so Kevin woke him up, told him we had to leave, and let him lock up the house for us.

We finally left the house at 7am. Just in time to see all the little kiddies being dropped off for the first day of school. At about two miles away from the house I remembered that I had forgotten the camera, so we turned around to retrieve it. Even with as much pain as I was in, I was not about to go to the hospital without my camera!

We finally got to the hospital at around 8am. I was pretty proud of myself. I had labored at home for 6 hours, one of my biggest fears was getting to the hospital and them turning me away. We met my Mom at the hospital and were told my Dad and sister were on their way. A the nurse took to to an exam room to check me, and when she did she found I was 7cm dilated and 85% effaced. When she said that I was a keeper i was overjoyed. I was about to get some much desired, drug induced, relief!

They put me in room 13. A lucky number in my family! The nurse asked me right away if I wanted an epidural, and I basically cried YES! It is so funny to me, having now gone through it, how the mind works. All during the pregnancy I was back and forth on the epidural thing. I hated the idea of a tube in my back and a catheter. Once I was in pain though, it was like how could this have ever been an issue? OF COURSE I NEED THE DRUGS! The anesthesiologist seemed to pop up right away, and though I was still scared of the procedure, I could not help but be SO thankful he was there. I kind of wished that they didn't give you the option of not getting the epidural, because the stressing out over it just seems ridiculous!

After that it was just a matter of hanging out with my family and waiting. Timed seem to fly by for me and at 3:00 I was checked and found to be fully dilated! That's when they told me it was time to start pushing!!!

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