Sunday, February 6, 2011

Side Effects May Include...

Kevin tried to bribe me into staying home from work last night. Dinner and a movie in Yakima for the two of us! He may have been feeling lonely that I was about to  leave him, or he may have felt pity for a sick girl who was sniffing and hacking like a chain smoker with dust allergies. OR it may have had something to do with what I would consider "abnormal" behaviour on my part.

The fear I have for taking medication (because, let's face it, how does it know what part of my body hurts? It doesn't, it numbs it ALL, and I'm not OK with that!) is occasionally overcome when, in fact, my whole body does hurt. As it did yesterday. The dose of generic brand DayQuil my mom gave me looked extremely huge, but my misery forced me to choke it down.

To my amazement, it actually helped. I was blowing my nose 1/2 as often and my headache subsided. The good times lasted for about 4 hours before I snapped. Kevin turned on SpongeBob, which I find OK normally, but yesterdays episode deserves a Daytime Emmy for hilarity. One joke and I was over the edge, I started laughing so hard I fell off the couch, onto the floor, and just kept laughing...

You know it's bad when Kevin starts to get concerned about my sanity, and offers to take me to the emergency room, I was laughing so hard for so long. The whole time I KNEW I was going crazy. I was laughing on the outside, but inside I was confused and not at all amused. I had long since stopped paying attention to the TV and was laughing at my laughing. Fighting to regain control of my mind took several minutes and relapses. To cap off my mad mental break I finally got my laughing under control by suddenly starting to sob my eyes out (I'm not even exaggerating). Kevin kept asking "what's wrong," and my only answer was "nothing, I don't know, nothing, wahhhhh."

This whole scenario lasted maybe 10 minutes, and at the end I was so exhausted I could not even stand under my own power. I was totally fine after that, I went to work more or less sane. The one thing I have learned from this "high" of mine, a very important lesson, I would make a terrible pot smoker! Or any type of druggie! One of the most miserable/scary experiences of my life, never again, never again!


  1. hahahaha, did you take the liquid DayQuil or the pills? though it would be entertaining as heck to see you trip out on something if DayQuil does that to you :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally had that happen to me! I think I was sick, but I hadn't taken any medication. I just barely hit my hand against something and got so flustered or whatever that I just started laughing then sobbing about it. Poor Zack was just like "Oh my god what's wrong?!"