Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Know He Dead

Oh what fun! My Sister and my Papa invited me to a day at the shooting range with them. This was the forth time in my memory going to shoooot some stuff.

Let me tell you about the first time, Tahnia and I were little - my parents wanted us to have a healthy fear of guns - Tahnia's gun ricocheted and smacked her in the middle of the forehead.

Time #2 was at school as a fun activity. One brave young man had the courage to fire a black powder gun, it exploded/fired in a blaze, I'm happy to say no one was hurt and we were all very impressed.  

And #3 was just me, my Papa, and a semi-automatic...

I can very truthfully tell you that going shooting to me is identical to flying. I start out really excited about it, I get there and begin to question why I agreed to do this, I think I'm going to die (crash/get shot), I feel better, like I cheated death when I finish, I pat myself on the back, and I quickly forget all this and want to go again. In that order. 

So the reward on Osama Bin Laden is $25 million. I could use the money, I've got debts to pay. What a better use of my time then honing my skill on an international killer? None!

You can't really see it, but my first shot, FIRST SHOT, was dead in the middle of his chest! I was like a little child all night. "Daddy Daddy look, I shot him in the heart!" "Daddy Daddy look, I shot him in the neck!" One old guy was laughing at me, but he wasn't shooting Bin Laden, he was shooting circles- LAME-O!

Tahnia Killed a Nazi Zombi. Yeah, he dead!... again.
I love that gun the most, the black semi-automatic, it kicked back like I was in a movie. My dad also had a .22, a single shot, and a glock. With all am I deadly. I have no muscle, but I do have some killer hand-eye coordination!  

In case it is unclear I shot him dead between the eyes from 10 yards away... and the head... and the heart. Kevin and I decided that this is the picture we want hanging in front of our door in case anyone ever brakes  in, better than a dog right?!


  1. umm someone forgot to mention that the first time they went shooting, they were stupid enough to take off their hearing protection while standing next to dad who was still shooting lol

  2. I ALSO forgot to mention that Dad forgot his wallet so I had to pay, then he conveniently found it 2 second later!