Friday, January 7, 2011

Could it be ME?!

You may not look up to Martha Stewart, but I do! So she went
to jail for obscuring a federal investigation and insider trading. If only I
had that kind of money to embezzle! And if none of you like Martha Stewart then why did I get so many presents pushing me toward DOMESTIC DOMINATION?

We have a lot in common, Martha and I. Most importantly we
both BLOG! We love to scrapbook, love to cook (don’t listen to Kevin, I can and do cook… I’m great at it… super great… still learning… need more time though), GARDEN (she loves it, I love it now, it’s a love fest), any kind of crafting, sewing, and travel. I just found out we are even reading the SAME BOOK! Freaky!

Destiny put Martha/Hallmark on my DISH programming at the
beginning of the year, so guess who hit the DVR big-time! It got me thinking,
what if I was the next Martha Stewart….. I give you-

“The Shalee Sykes Show*”

*Now to make some $$$$$

1 comment:

  1. That is the best and creepiest thing I have ever seen.