Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Baby Shower

As you can probably guess, this last weekend I had my Baby Shower (thrown by my lovely sister Tahnia)! I can tell you right now, it was so much fun! There was a lot of time, money, and planning, soooo much planning, that Tahnia put into it. The theme was "Camp Baby Sykes."

My theme's banner, my sister, and my "Be A Deer" shirt.
Get it?
"Be a Deer" and it's camping themed. funny!

The fabulous decorations, provided by Tahnia.
With a little help from my Mom and Dad.

Our super yummy Eats.
We had a Chili Bar, where you fill up a bag of Fritos
with chili and assorted topping for a delicious treat.
We also had a make your own Trail Mix station for munchies to go!
Also Watermelon, Cake, and S'mores on a stick.

Chowing Down!

These are some of our lovely guests! Thank you to EVERYONE that came! 

..... And opening presents. This little baby got quite a haul!

... and more presents!
Ta-Da. Spoiled little munchkin! 

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