Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stuff That Happened In My 30th Week

Awkward bits of life this past week:

  • Calling a TJMaxx in California only to have the phone answered by a real life "Surfer Dude"... Who puts me on hold and transfers me to a "Valley Girl." It was.. like.. totally.. awesome!

  • My Belly Button that is now at full extension. 

  • Trying to put a band-aid on my little toe. Apparently I'm to big for that now, good thing I have a Mom to help me.

  • Getting "crop dusted" by the same old lady at the store, not once, but twice.

  • All the sounds my body makes.

  • **** * *** ****** *** ******* ** ***** *** (this is for all the things that are a little too awkward to share)

  • Going to a Ward Party and having everyone think that the desert I brought was made by another lady. Then having them find out it was me because the other lady had to keep correcting them when they asked her.

  • Having my cup refilled by the waiter every time I took a sip... Good customer service, or awkward stalking?

  • Belly flashing strangers, because even some of my maternity tops are too short.

  • Yelling "OWWW" at random moments because my baby doesn't know how to be professional and not kick Mommy so hard while she's at work.

  • Having people tell me I look tired all the time... Thanks for that. 

Now for the Baby!

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