Thursday, March 8, 2012

Four Words

I just wanted to get this posted before I forgot to tell you guys about one of the most important milestones a girl can have in her pregnancy.  TODAY, for the FIRST TIME, a complete stranger noticed that I was expecting. I'm so excited I'd tell you about it even if I did not have some kind of awesome story to go with it, but I do!

Let me first describe to you what I'm wearing... just kidding, not important. So, today at work, I was up at the front ringing out customers all day. It was late afternoon when this nice older lady came through the line and ended up at my register. Just as I was ringing her out, from somewhere in the middle of the store, a mom walks up carrying her toddler aged son. This toddler aged son was screaming. Not only was he screaming, he was yelling "Grandma!" "Grandma!" "Grandma!" and wriggling with all his might to escape his mothers clutches as she toted him out the door.

This was when the lady, who was standing amused in front of me, turns and says...

"I don't envy you"

Best. Four. Words. Ever.

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