Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy 21st

I've been feeling fat for a while now, but I guess this week was the week that others started to agree with me. I finally started getting the people pointing to my belly and saying "whaaaaat?!?!" Which I normally assume means "Oh, are you expecting? You look so great!" I give part of the credit for people noticing my big belly to the warming(-ish) weather. I'm no longer constantly caked in sweaters and jackets every second of every day. 

We have spent this last week actually getting some stuff done. We (and by we I mean Kevin) finally got our new doors installed. Here is some advice, installing new doors may not be worth the price and effort it takes, but ours look GREAT! We did some more miscellaneous home improvements, and most fun of all, started to really think about designing the nursery! Designing the nursery is where I get to have all the fun. I already have a theme, color, and ideas picked out. Amazing right?! Now, to just do all the work... Kevin.

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