Saturday, August 21, 2010

Improving My Habitat

Yesterday morning Kevin and I were out running some errends and killing time when he decided to go to Harbor Freight and pick up some tool something-or-other. On our way out of the store, after we had gotten into the car actually, we saw that the Habitat for Humanity ReStore was open. I knew it was there, but I'd never seen it open, and there were people going in so we decided to pop in and take a peek. What I expected was some old appliances on a wall and some random fixtures. What I found was a treasure chest of the SUPER inexpensive and variety.
We walked in and the employee at the door explained that everything inside had been donated and 100% of the procedes go to Habitat For Humanity. That was the point I felt that slight twinge of guilt that says "you must buy something, it's for a good cause."
Well, that twinge of guilt turned to wonder and longing as I found things like $1 cuppboard doors, a super nice leather livingroom set (already sold), a huge lightfixture $15, and a couch for $150 that I SO would have bought if it had not been green and blue plaid. Our real treasure was found at the end, a huge slab of granite 1.5' x 3' x 1.25". And get this - for $5.00! Here is my proof:

Since it is all stuff donated it probably came from a carpenter so I had a little work to do. It had some glue and wood still stuck to the bottom (and don't let the photo fool you) I chiseled and chiseled it off while wearing my swim goggles, which I'm finding more and more uses for in the kitchen.

Then I added some pads to the bottom and TA-DA:

I love this new cutting board for only $5! I recommend the Habitat For Humanity ReStore to anyone now, what a great deal! Find yours:

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