Sunday, September 5, 2010

I love Baseball?

Seattle makes me want to dress better *sigh*…. For some reason I’m always surprised when I end up there even though it’s only 4 hours away. When we first decided to go I made Kevin promise me I could do a little shopping, mostly at H&M (LOVE IT!). So, Saturday, we headed out early and got to Seattle about 2 hours before we were to be at Safeco. When it comes to Seattle I have one policy, park as soon as you can! I HATE parking in Seattle, so we found a spot near the ballpark and walked around.

First stop- Pioneer Square:

I'm not brave enough to be a real Firefighter
This is Kevins DREAM, the kids were on a tarp filled with Legos
I've never played on a regulation Boccee course, and apparently it's not as fun since this kids dad was acusing him of cheating.
I just like all the pidgins on the ledge
This is the Seattle Library! I LOVE Libraries!

Then we get to the whole reason for the trip. Kevin reads a Baseball blog called U.S.S.Mariner and they had a $20 ticket deal where you get in early and get to speak to/hear the General Manager of the Mariners. Kevin loved it! I sat through it. Did I mention we had to be there at 3:20 for a 7:00 game!
The GM is the one with the microphone
I'm so artsy
Did I mention we got free t-shirts and fleece blankets (thats why I came)
I took this and realized later that that guy was sitting right there :)

Then I spent the next 2 hours and 6 innings reading The Hunger Games. I'm the worst fan ever! Only one guy called me out on it. And yes, I typed 6 innings because Kevin decided they were to aweful to watch and then I MISSED BRANYON HIT A HOME RUN!!! Branyon is my #1!
Here is us watching the rest of the game from our hotel room :)

The next day I got to go shopping. This is the only pic (a customary pic), but trust me, shopping was a blast!

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