Saturday, April 20, 2013

Three Months Gone By

Guess what didn't get left out of the spring cleaning this year... My BLOG! Guess what did... My house. C'est la vie.

Speaking of house, don't come over to mine right now. Unless you like doing dishes and sweeping the floor, heaven knows I don't. Levi tries, but for some reason he doesn't eat every crumb of food that's fallen to the ground. I thought babies were supposed to be automatic hand to mouth vacuums! I think his taste is more in line with magazine pages, DVD's, and plastic bags. It's the crinkle he enjoys.

I'm excited to finally kick this blog up again! As I write Levi is standing at, and pounding on, a bookshelf. This last week he's really embraced crawling and independence  He'd love to embrace Scruffy too, and that's a lot of his motivation for clambering around. Eventually (like every time I put him down) he ends up in the dining room, standing at the side table, and having a loud one sided conversation with Scruffy. Between us, I don't think it's something Scruffy is particularly thrilled with. But, Scruffy is an enigma, a lizard of steely countenance, so to speak.

Well, this is your warning! I plan on spewing out lots of Levi, house, and Summer fun posts (this is a silent prayer for warmer weather). My calender is packing on the events/activities, and there is no slowing this train down!

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