Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rice Rice Baby!

Yep, that face pretty much sums up our first attempt at rice cereal. It smells like paper and tastes even worse (how do I know that?, mum's the word). It's a big step for us over here, actual food. Like the kind that grown-ups eat. It's funny, we'll be sitting down at the table to eat and Levi sits staring at us, open mouthed, and laser focused. So, naturally, when it comes time for Levi to actually eat real food, I pretend to eat it, and he will have none of it. No laser focus. No gaping mouth. Just pursed lips and a furrowed brow. This first attempt was several days ago, and I've tried to give him a little every day since. The result rarely changes, and if anything I'd say he's developing a dislike of the ricey papery taste. It's a good thing we hit up WINCO last night, $.50 jars of baby food! It's string beans and peas on the menu next. I'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. Cute boy! Pearl hated rice cereal so I decided to try the oatmeal instead, and I heard the oatmeal is actually easier on tummies- she's had tummy issues so I liked that. She liked the oatmeal better- especially with a little cinnamon. Aaanyways, maybe try adding a little bit of cinnamon? I don't know. I think some babies just don't like the rice cereal and oatmeal stuff though. I think it's totally fine to go straight to veggies and fruit.
    Cute post :).