Monday, March 24, 2014

Follow The Prophet Quiet Book

Is it me, or is it getting itchy in here? I'm getting the itch to make another Quiet book. It's probably a combo of Levi needing something to keep him entertained on Sundays and wanting to make something for the new baby. I made this quiet book a while ago for a friend, and I always really liked it! It's a take on the LDS Primary song Follow the Prophet (one of my faves.). I think I'll make one for Levi. If you have any ideas on improvements of fun additions I'd love to know, just take a look below..

Left Page: Flowers button on and you can match the colors
Right Page: The cloud swivels so you can see the city before and after it is taken to heaven

Left Page: Beads move up and down like rain
Right Page: 12 hearts for the 12 sons of Abraham to practice counting

Left Page: A tent that opens and closes with a bow
Right Page: A mirror so the child can say "here I am" just like Samuel

Left Page: A whale with a zipper mouth that can open and close
Right Page: A Lion puzzle with velcro 

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