Thursday, June 16, 2011

Do... Done... Did...

Do you ever get the Jungle Book stuck in your head? The Disney one? That's all I've had swirling around this noggin all day! There is a young girl in there singing an enchanted melody along the lines of "My own home, my own home. I must go to fetch the water, 'till the day that I am grown." While I've never considered myself a water fetcher, I do feel sometimes like I am grown.

There is a great saying by Albert Einstein "Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance you must keep moving." This speaks to me particularly right now since I'm about to lose all my money (I mean lost, I already paid)! It is much easier to say we'll just rent forever and save up our millions. I know that this is the right step because it means our adventure will continue. We won't stall here and end up falling on our badonkadonks.

My Millions

So, today we signed all the papers for our house. We should be able to move in tomorrow around 4 o'clock. That is if the guy ever moves out, when, as of 8:30 tonight, looks like he hasn't packed a thing! Am I concerned? OH YEAH! How do you kick a man out of your house when he is obviously still in there?

I'm willing to put that little issue aside to worry about tomorrow. Right now is a time of celebration. A Celebration of the American Dollar/ Escrow company! I'll give you a glimps into our happy dance around my parents yard:

Finding a home was the end of the story for Mowgli, but it is just the beginnign for us!!!

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