Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's not like the Parade of Homes

"Deep breaths Shalee... Deep breaths"

This is hard. I have a stress headache, and heart palpitations. Did you know that buying a house would be like this? I didn't.

Today we met with our realtor. Well, let me start over.

Kevin got hired, YAY! So we can now call ourselves permanent residents of the Tri-Cities. The next step for us, logically, is buying a home. I like our half-a-house, but I'd love a whole one! So the past few weeks we've spent driving around aimlessly looking for for sale signs and judging prospects.

Last week we kicked it into high gear, we found ourselves saying "why wait?". We got busy searching websites, making maps, and burning gas. We eventually found a house we wanted to take a closer look at so we called the realtor. "It's in contract negotiations" she said. Bummer! But don't think she didn't take our information for later. She asked if we were looking, and when we told her we'd just started she recommended us a lender. Kevin took her advice to heart and on Friday afternoon I got a call at work saying we'd been pre-approved on a loan!!! Then I was informed that I was not on it since Kevin's credit is so excellent that he qualified for no mortgage insurance. Sad for me, but great for us!

Saturday we spent with my Ma and Pops touring homes and neighborhoods. We wound up far away in downtown Kennewick where we found some hidden treasures.  That's what we told her, and that's where we looked today.

We went and saw 2 homes, both from the '70's. One needs some work, and one was nice (but smelled like smokers). Guess what my favorite was... not the smokers. Anyway, if you want to take a look at it here ya go. Any feedback is welcome, needed, and appreciated.

Home #1 (my fave.)


Home #2

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  1. Ok, I quite like the first one--probably because there were pictures to look at. Where are the pictures on the first one?!