Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's A Boy

As the doting parents of our little Bearded Dragon we thought we'd take the time to introduce him to some of you and/or to update those of you who are already acquanted! Right now the little daring is sitting on a log basking in the heat of some of his many lamps. Here are some of our favorite photos:

Baby Scruffy

Funny Scruffy

Angry Scruffy

In an effort to get to know Scruffy as well as possible he has agreed to fill out a short survey describing himself (a warning- he has a bit of a potty mouth):

Name: Scruffy

Birthplace: Australia, or some pet store

Hometown: More like Homeroom, these fools never let me outside!

Favorite Food: Crickets... no,,, ahhhhhh who gives a ((beep))!

Favorite Travel Spot: Anywhere YOU can't find me

Most Embarrassing Moment: That time last week I ran into the wall, it hurt like ((beep))!

Favorite Disney Princess: What the ((beep)) kind of question is that!

List 3 of Your Best Traits: Eating, Eating, and pooping on Shalee 3x

Favorite Pastime: Telling people to "((beep)) off!" and hiding

Now a glimpse of the little fella in a video montage we like to call Scruffy the Devourer:

1 comment:

  1. Again, you kill me. It is obvious where Scruffy gets his sense of humor from. And the little (beep) has pooped on me before, too. Little (beep).