Tuesday, May 15, 2012

26 Weeks Fatter

What a fun packed week it's been. Kevin and I have not been acting like ourselves... we actually hung out with people. It's like we actually have friends, how weird. This week my Uncle Tod, we call him Tod, also came up from Utah for a visit. Tod and my parents went to some Kayaking thing last weekend that they didn't invite me too, but hearing about it and seeing pictures gave me the itch. Do you think I can fit all this ladyness into a Kayak right now and paddle around. I have my doubts, so add that to the list of things I really want to do but can't.... see also Hot Tubbing, sleeping, and eating cold-cut sandwiches.

This weekend, as you already know, was mothers day. I'm not sure if this counts as my first mothers day or not, but I did receive some nice "Happy Mothers Day" texts from my sister-in-laws Summer and Kristi, not to mention I got my own mothers day chocolate in church (YES!!!).   

Probably the best part of mothers day though, was hanging out with my mom! We took my family Disc Golfing for the first time at a new course Kevin and I found. The weather was beautiful and we had SO much fun! As per usual I took my camera and I will now share with you some of my favorite shots from the day... Ever had a snowball fight with balls of flowers?


Glad I don't have a brother to torment me! Sorry Mom.

Getting blasted Doggy Paddle style

Raking up the mess I made.

Big Belly
Family Photo Fun

This makes me look like a pro!

Our giant group

I LOVE this, hahahah!

A challenge, don't loose your disc!

The Men
That was all the fun I had this week. Not so fun was my doom and gloom Doctors appointment. On Friday I went and had my blood drawn for a Diabetes Screening Test. Let's just say I failed. I failed big time. Failed with a score of 190! It's supposed to be in the low 100's. So now I have to back in for the 3 hour test and try not to fail that too. The Doc said mine was so high for my body type they considered skipping the 3 hour re-test all together and sending me into the clinic right away. I was also informed that I am slightly anemic,which I get to get blood drawn again to re-test that too. I have low blood-pressure (so that's why I'm so slow, lazy, and cold all the time), and most embarrassingly, I'm developing spider veins on my legs! On the bright side, baby looks great!!! He's sitting fat and happy in there, just getting fatter and happier, let's hope until mid-August.  

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