Monday, March 21, 2011

Bringing Home the Bacon (and it smells gooood)!

I can't let this week go by without sharing publicly something you might already know. I'll give you some clues to guess..

  • Kevin
  • Energy Northwest
  • Job
  • Permanent
Did you get it? Kevin has been officially hired on as an employee of Energy Northwest. I'm married to a nuclear man now :)

Oh my goodness it has been so long waiting. Kevin started out there as an intern 2 years ago in July. To me it feels like we've been holding our breaths in this whole time, and now that I can let it out I'm not sure how. Maybe now Kevin will go back to school (cross our fingers), maybe we can buy a house, maybe I can find a different job, maybe we can buy those things we've been wanting (new camera, photoshop, some bikes). From one maybe to a million many maybes. But I'll take those million maybes and a job for Kevin every time!

This is where he works!
I'm so proud of him. He works long days, he gets up at 4:30, he gets home at 4:30, he's in bed by 9:30 now. I have high hopes for the future, I don't really ever worry about Kevin. I just feel like he is destined to succeed...really...truly.

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